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The Maiden to Mother Box Collaboration


The Maiden to Mother Box is a bundle curated by women for women, as they move through their journey from maiden to mother.  Wherever you are on that journey, the female creators that have come together in this collaboration do so hoping to extend a helping hand. Bringing to light the inner sacred wisdom that we all hold as creators of life. Sharing tools that help and heal!

You do not have to be a mother or have any plans of being a mother to benefit from this box. These handcrafted products are perfect for a self-care ritual and to pamper yourself.


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In this bundle you receive :

A Womb Oil made by Claire Lampo, herbalist, and holistic birth & postpartum support by Full Womb Wellness.

An Anti-inflammatory Cacao Blend curated by herbalist Danielle  Galvin from Herbaceous Goods.

A Homemade Candle crafted by Hannah Mills- Ernest from Miss Daisy’s Boutique. (Choose between Carrot Cake, Cranberry, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Colorado Birch, Egyptian Amber or Patchouli at check out)

An Immune System Supporting Essential Oil Blend Infused with Reiki by Marla Torres from Intuitive Care with Marla.

And a Warming Goat Milk Bath for the coming cold autumn/winter days made by Aman Inder of Elevate The Home.


Full Womb Wellness Wise Womban Oil is a whole plant, potent oil blend lovingly made for the woman desiring a deeper connection to her sacred womb space. Roll on, massage in, and feel held knowing your womb holds the wisdom of all the women who came before you and all women who come after. The combination of motherwort, mugwort, and rose will tap you into a place of unconditional love & the divine.

Herbaceous Goods Indulge Cacao Blend is a luxurious blend packed with spices to make you feel like a queen. Throughout history, cacao has been a prized drink for the elite. Mixed with spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger, this becomes an anti-inflammatory and warming treat to enjoy. Add in the Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms, and this blend becomes a powerhouse of vitality and cognitive-boosting goodness.

Immune System Support by Intuitive Care with Marla is a custom essential oil blend with crystals infused with Moon energy and Shamanic Reiki energy to support your body, mind, and spirit. It is especially helpful at this time of year with the seasons changing and the holidays often adding stress to our busy lives.

Miss Daisy’s Boutique Candles are natural soy-based blends that take coziness to a whole new level with their buttery fresh out of the oven fall scents and relaxing herbal scents.

Elevate The Home’s Perfect Autumn Milk Bath is a combination of warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and orange peel. With hydrating goats milk and shea butter. Leaves the skin feeling moisturized while also warming you and your little ones up after a day playing outside in the cold autumn winds!


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