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A relaxing, self-care-centered gift for you or a loved one.

Radiant Herbal Body Oil

The skin is our largest organ. With direct access to the nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems, it is incredibly absorbent and assists easy access to these systems. As opposed to water (like in lotion), using oils to hydrate our bodies keeps these systems nourished, running smoothly, and functioning at the highest possible level. Herbal body oils are the perfect preparation for soothing the nervous system, releasing anxiety and depression, quieting the mind, and nourishing the skin.

This oil is so special. Self-love and self-care are the main themes of this luxurious blend.

All products sit in their menstruum (extracting liquid) for 4-6 weeks to ensure a proper, full extraction. This is a traditional folk method that has been used for thousands of years to slowly extract the most from your plant material.

Use this oil as a whole body massage, especially focusing on the lymph nodes. 
Do not forget your smaller parts like ear lobes and between your fingers and 
toes. You can also add some to a bath or even use it in your hair.

Ingredients: Rose, Linden Flower, Jasmine, organic Jojoba oil

2oz Bottle

Ground Herbal Body Oil- Roller Bottle

You can use this to help you ground and as a travel body oil. Take a deep 
breath and roll on your skin. Breath out and focus on your connection 
to the earth under you.  Be present for a minute, listening to your breath.

10 ml roller bottle

Ingredients: Mugwort, Lavender, Eastern Red Cedar, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

Awake Energizing Chocolate Blend

Is there anything better than a nice hot cup of chocolate? Sometimes we want to change up our coffee flavor or maybe we want to cut back on caffeine, but still want an energy boost. This luxurious blend is filled with some of my favorite flavors and benefits.

This is an unsweetened blend. If you have not had raw cacao before, it is quite bitter. This blend is completely customizable in strength and sweetness, just play around with different amounts of chocolate and sweetener.
I recommend starting with a teaspoon or two per 8oz of liquid. Enjoy hot, cold, or even added to baking or as a decorative garnish. Mix into coffee, tea, or try with milk or milk alternative.

4oz Jar

Ingredients: Cacao, Orange peel, Ginger root, Maca root


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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