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A product customized to you is always the best way to optimize your health. Whether you are looking for something topical or internal, you will receive greater benefits from a unique formulation created just for your specific needs. Every body is different and we all need something a little different.

The process: During a 45-60 minute consultation, we will discuss what you are looking for along with any allergies or medical conditions. The type of preparation you would like will be discussed and I will start the creation process. I will then create an individualized herbal product, customized to what you need. I practice slow herbalism so please be aware that there is a 4-5 week turnaround time from the consultation for the herbs to be fully extracted. This waiting period does not apply to syrups or teas.

In the meantime, you will also receive a short pdf detailing other holistic modalities you could incorporate to assist you. This could include certain foods or nutrients to focus on, movement practices, breath practices, and journaling prompts.

This listing cost does not include a custom product. Purchasing a product is extra.
Some product type options are:
Herbal Body Oil

The skin is our largest organ. With direct access to the nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems, it is incredibly absorbent and assists easy access to these systems. As opposed to water (like in lotion), using oils to hydrate our bodies keeps these systems nourished, running smoothly, and functioning at the highest possible level. Herbal body oils are the perfect preparation for soothing the nervous system, releasing anxiety and depression, quieting the mind, and nourishing the skin.

This oil can be used as massage oil with a partner or solo, as a skin hydrator, or added to a bath.
 2oz or 4oz Bottle
Alcohol or non-alcohol Extract

If you are in need of internal support, let me make you something special. An alcohol extract is a great way to receive the benefits of herbs quickly into your bloodstream. For daily use or as needed, an extract is ideal for correcting an imbalance, assisting your body with an illness, and cleansing the body.

An extract can also be made as an oxymel (vinegar and honey). Perfect for children or those who abstain from alcohol, you can receive all of the same benefits in a form that is better for you. It is pretty sweet so it can really help unpalatable herbs go down easier. You can also use oxymels to make an herbaceous cocktail or mocktail.

Depending on your needs, place one dropper under the tongue and hold for at least 20 seconds before swallowing.

2oz or 4oz Bottle

Other types of products are available and will be discussed during consultation.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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2oz Alcohol Extract, 2oz Non-Alcohol Extract, 2oz Herbal Body Oil, 4oz Herbal Body Oil, 4oz Alcohol Extract, 4oz Non-alcohol Extract


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