4 Herb Drying Methods

Preserving Your Harvest Knowing how to dry and store our fresh harvested herbs is very important. Whether you don’t have time to use them fresh or you plan to use them dried, we will cover many ways to dry and store your herbs for long term use. First we should discuss the effectiveness of herbsContinue reading “4 Herb Drying Methods”

Our Lymphatic Health

You may have heard the phrase “lymphatic drainage” or “lymphatic massage”; it is very popular right now. But what is it and why is everyone talking about it? Our lymphatic system is an integral part of our immune and circulatory system. It is our natural filtration and flows through our whole body. Particles such asContinue reading “Our Lymphatic Health”

Herbal Supplements and Micro-nutrients

Micro-nutrients are very important for our overall health, and by incorporating certain herbs into our daily diets we can receive many benefits. We all have heard about how our processed food of today is bad for us, but what seems to be missing in the conversation is what exactly these foods lack and why weContinue reading “Herbal Supplements and Micro-nutrients”

Top 4 Most Important Herbs for Beginners

When you are first starting to work with plants, it can be very overwhelming. There are so many different species and varieties to learn about. So before you go and buy an ounce of every herb you can get your hands on, what are the top herbs for every beginner? I chose these herbs specificallyContinue reading “Top 4 Most Important Herbs for Beginners”

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