Full Body Nourishment

We all know how diet plays a huge role in our physical and mental health. As our modern world has moved further and further away from whole, unprocessed foods, and genetically modified foods and chemicals have become the norm, mental and physical illness has skyrocketed. But none of this is new information. We all knowContinue reading “Full Body Nourishment”

Allies for Holding to Your Boundaries

Boundaries are a rough subject for some. In our modern time, it is completely normal and even encouraged to let people break your boundaries. We can also break our own boundaries in the service of someone we love or care about.Whether it’s physical or emotional, it’s so important to our well-being.I recently came upon aContinue reading “Allies for Holding to Your Boundaries”

Seasonal Living

We have all seen how seasonal items come into the grocery and home decor stores. There are some staples that come with each new season: Flowers and pastel colors for Spring, shells and beach vibes for Summer, leaves and pumpkins for Autumn, and twinkle lights and evergreen garlands for Winter. But just because they areContinue reading “Seasonal Living”

Interview Series: With Nicole Lebreux of Cosmic Earth Collective (Part 2)

We meet again, Part two of Nicole’s interview. If you did not read the first one, please cheek it out here for her back story and more information about her business. This part is more about her spiritual path and how it integrates with her business passions. Let’s dive right in! D: So to getContinue reading “Interview Series: With Nicole Lebreux of Cosmic Earth Collective (Part 2)”

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