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Danielle Galvin

Folk Herbalist

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my website. I am a folk herbalist, meaning a herbalist for the common people. I have been studying and training for years, constantly experimenting with new plants and different preparations. But my view of herbalism is not purely medicinal. While the chemical constituents in plants do affect our bodies, I am a strong believer in the spiritual side of our plant allies as well. They are living beings, with life forces and personalities of their own. As a herbalist, I work with the plants to build a relationship and care for them as they care for us. It is a symbiotic relationship and one I strive to teach others to embrace. I feel most whole when my hands are covered in pollen and soil or I am out secluded in nature, and I know many of us yearn for that connected, at peace feeling.

I practice slow herbalism. That means I work with the time of the natural world. All of my liquid-based products take 4-6 weeks to fully extract. It is not a fast process but that is not what herbalism is about. Herbalists work to bring out the best parts of the natural world, the plant magic, and formulate creations to bring plants intimately and cohesively into our everyday lives. I love the slow process and patience it takes to make my products. It is so outside of our modern world that it almost feels like an escape to be forced to slow down. The plant world is magical, intense, beautiful, and terrifying. It is an invitation to roll back, look within, and connect with our primal, ancestral selves.

On this site, you will find my small-batch, handcrafted herbal products along with periodic blog posts.

I hope in my words and my offerings you find healing, wisdom, and a newly inspired connection to nature.

Welcome to the plant path.

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Key Things About Me
  • Yarrow is my favorite smell.
  • I LOVE herbal body oils.
  • Wildcrafting is my passion.
  • I always have a book I am reading.

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