3 Comforting Herbal Drinks

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There is truly nothing better than a hot cup of tea on a cold day, especially when curled up with a good book or a pet. In this article we will discuss some of my favorite comforting herbs.

When you think of comforting teas, what do you think of? Some may think of calming chamomile or warming ginger or sweet lavender. Plants have a way of imprinting on us and creating deep memories. A scent or taste can trigger a memory and a feeling, either good or bad. This can work both ways: either a scent or taste was passively around when a memory took place, or we can actively use scent or taste to lock in a feeling. Both scent and taste can be used to elicit strong feelings and can effect our nervous system.

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This time of year, a lot of us are lonely and grieving someone who is gone. Herbs are a great way to show someone you love them and to gently care for them (even if the teas are for yourself).

If you want to craft a calming blend, first think back if there are already some flavors or smells that make you feel calm and happy. For example, whenever I smell Star Anise I think of my granddad. I actually don’t know why but there is a scent memory that must have been created in the past. If anything pops up for you, make a list. These may be good options for you, depending on the taste.

Next step is to think about other tastes you enjoy and how they make you feel. For example, Ginger makes me feel nice and cozy, but to someone else it may be invigorating. Add these to your list as well.

Now let’s discuss some naturally calming herbs. They may be different for you but here are some of my favorites:

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Elderflower
  • Passionflower
  • Ashwagandha
  • Skullcap
  • Lemon Balm
  • Rose
  • White Pine
  • Mimosa Flower

These plants are so special and each feel/taste/smell so different. I encourage you to explore which ones you feel called to. Now let’s look at some blends!

Turmeric Latte

This is one of my favorites when I am over-stressed and really need some calm and comfort.

Soothing Herbal Tea

This sweet blend is a floral, calming tea, perfect for sleeplessness and anxiety. You can easily change around the herbs as well to create new blends.

Grounding Cacao Blend

This chocolatey blend is wonderfully customizable. Play around with different sweetness levels and herb ratios to really make it your own. Cacao is very calming and grounding, bringing us back into our bodies and out of our heads. The butter or oil in this is also important. Fats coat and soothe our nervous systems, creating a nurturing environment that feels like we are being hugged.

Whether you are stressed, tired, deep in grief or mourning, tea can play such a big role in a how you feel. They can also be a great gift to someone who is struggling. And let’s face it: we are all stressed and tired and could use some extra support.

Take care of yourself and enjoy a hot cup to bring you into balance.

Don’t have the time or materials to make your own? Check out my tea and cacao blends as well!

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